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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering

Application of Micro-computer

Applications of Micro-computer 3 credit 3 hours
This course covers the following topics: introduction to 80x86 CPU, instruction set of 80x86 CPU, introduction to DRAM, SRAM and Flash memory, reading of timing diagrams, decoding of memory and I/O, parallel and serial ports, using timers and counters, oscillators, A/D and D/A converters, interrupts, and case study.

The content of this course includes:
1. Introduction to microcomputer.
2. Central processor unit.
3. Microprogramming set.
4. Assembly and C language programming.
5. Interfacing circuits.
6. ROM/RAM interface.
7. I/O operations.
8. Interrupt and direct memory access.
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