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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering


Power and Energy Field
Energy Management Laboratory
Advisor: 曾國雄(Kuo-Hsiung Tseng) 張朝陽(Kuo-Hsiung Tseng)
Location: Complex Building R313
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2144
Descriptions: Research topics include: Power Distribution Automation, Power-Communication System Integration,Photovoltaic System, Nanotechnology and Its Applications, Internet of Things, Artificial Inteligence.
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Smart Grid & Green Energy Laboratory
Advisor: 陳昭榮(Chao-Rong Chen)
Location: Complex Building R213
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2110
Descriptions: Research topics include: Intelligent Control, Power Systems, Renew Energy System, Neural Networks, and Power Quality.
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Lab. of Foresight Research for Power Grids Technology
Advisor: 林子喬(Tzu-Chiao Lin)
Location: Complex Building R213-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171#
Descriptions: Smart Grid, Fault Location, Electric Machinery, Intelligent Control and Testing, FPGA Chip Design & Application, Digital System.
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Power Electronics Field
TI DSPs Project Laboratory
Advisor: 賴炎生(Yen-Shin Lai)
Location: Complex Building R314-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2146
Descriptions: Research topics include: Inverter Control, Converter Control and Motor Drives Control.
Advanced Power Electronics Control Laboratory
Advisor: 胡國英(Kuo-Ing Hwu)
Location: Complex Building R316-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2159
Descriptions: Research topics include: Power Electronics.
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Power Management Laboratory
Advisor: 劉邦榮(Pang-Jung Liu)
Location: Complex Building R411
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2128
Descriptions: Research topics include: Power Management Integrated Circuit and Power Electronics.

Control Systems Field
Intelligent Control Laboratory
Advisor: 姚立德(Leehter Yao)
Location: Complex Building R314
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2145
Descriptions: Research Topics:Intelligent Control, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Smart Energy Control, Internet of Things, Pattern Recognition
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Ubiquitous Computating Laboratory
Advisor: 黃有評(Yo-Ping Huang)
Location: Complex Building R514B
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2152
Descriptions: Research topics include: Fuzzy control, Intelligent systems, AI, IoT, Machine learning, Big data analytics, and Deep learning.
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System Analysis and Control Laboratory
Advisor: 練光祐(Kuang-Yow Lian)
Location: Complex Building R503
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2171
Descriptions: Research topics include: Embedded Systems, Smart Home, Intelligent Control, Nonliear Systems Analysis, Design, and Application.
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Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Advisor: 張文中(Wen-Chung Chang)
Location: Complex Building R504-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171# 2125
Descriptions: Research topics include: Intelligent Robotics, Visual Servoing and Applications, Industrial Automatic Picking and Assembly, Systems Theory and Control, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning.
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Rail System Laboratory
Advisor: 古碧源(Bih-Yuan Ku)
Location: Complex Building R415
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2192
Descriptions: Research topics include: Power Engineering, Rail systems, Traction Power Engineering, Train Performance Simulation, and Unmanned Surface Vehicle.
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Network and Supervision Applications Laboratory
Advisor: 李俊賢(Jin-Shyan Lee)
Location: Complex Building R317-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2187
Descriptions: Research topics include: Wireless sensor networks, Internet of things , Network-based supervision systems, ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, Industry 4.0, Intelligent automation systems, and Intelligent living space.
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iCT-based Applications and Control Laboratory
Advisor: 曾傳蘆(Chwan-Lu Tseng)
Location: Complex Building R506
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2189
Descriptions: Research topics include: Robust Control, Automation Technology, Applications of Control Technology, and Applications of WSN.
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Visual Perception and Interaction Laboratory
Advisor: 黃正民(Cheng-Ming Huang)
Location: Complex Building R412
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2148
Descriptions: Research topics include: Computer Vision, Visual Tracking, Digital Control, Visual Servoing, and Human-Machine Interaction.

Communications Field
Wireless Communication Laboratory
Advisor: 呂振森(Jenn-Sen Leu)
Location: Complex Building R413
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2134
Descriptions: Research topics include: Wireless communication and Multi-user detection.
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Digital Image and Video Laboratory
Advisor: 郭天穎(Tien-Ying Kuo)
Location: Complex Building R212
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2143
Descriptions: Research topics include: Video Coding, Image Processing, and Multimedia Communications.
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Wireless Communications Laboratory
Advisor: 馬尚智(Shang-Chih Ma)
Location: Complex Building R416
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2181
Descriptions: Research topics include: Mobile Radio Communication Systems, Mobile Learning Systems, and Optimization Algorithms.
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Applied Signal Processing Laboratory
Advisor: 張正春(Cheng-Chun Chang)
Location: Complex Building R321
Phone: 886-2-27712171#
Descriptions: Research topics include: Signal processing (Spectrum sensor signal processing, Communication signal processing, Biomedical signal processing), Mobile/Embedded systems, and AI/Machine learning.
Advanced Communication System Design Lab.
Advisor: 林鈞陶(Chun-Tao Lin)
Location: Complex Building R214
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2178
Descriptions: The research expertise of ACSD Lab. is physical-layer signal processing, including communication signal processing, transceiver optimization, and MIMO systems。
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Computer System Field
CyberNet Network Laboratory
Advisor: 王永鐘(Yung-Chung Wang)
Location: Complex Building R412
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2148
Descriptions: Research topics include: Computer Network, Optical Network, Wireless Network, and Queueing Theory.
High Performance Computing and Deep Learning Laboratory
Advisor: 張陽郎(Yang-Lang Chang)
Location: Complex Building R414B
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2154
Descriptions: Research topics include: GPU High Performance Computing, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Remote Sensing Images and Digital System.
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Analog and Digital IC Design Laboratory
Advisor: 宋國明(Guo-Ming Sung) 于治平(Chih-Ping Yu)
Location: Complex Building R317
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2121
Descriptions: Research topics include: Mixed-mode IC design, Analog IC Design, Communcation IC Design, MMotor control IC design and Hall sensor IC design.
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Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Medical Image Processing
Advisor: 吳昭正(Chao-Cheng Wu)
Location: Complex Building R219-1
Phone: 886-2-27712171#2182
Descriptions: Research topics include: Remote Sensing Image Processing and algorithm design Medical Image Processing, Target Detection and identification, Pattern Recognition, Unix system administration, and TCP/IP Network.