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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering





【 Chairman 】

Pang-Jung Liu
劉邦榮 老師相片

  1. Conducting the affairs of the Department.

Integrated Tech. Building Room 417-1 Ext.2127

Integrated Tech. Building Room 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2101


【 Vice Chairman 】

Tzu-Chiao Lin
林子喬 老師相片

  1. Facilitate the promotion of departmental affairs.

Integrated Tech. Building Room 508 Ext.2153


【 Teaching Assistant 】

Yung-An Kao
高永安 老師相片

  1. Full-time and part-time teachers' class schedule, online addition and withdrawal, and mid-term withdrawal.
  2. Full-time teachers guide postgraduate credit hours and counseling time surveys.
  3. Matters related to undergraduate students (including practical projects, transfer to department, auxiliary department, double major, second major, credit transfer, independent study).
  4. University admissions (including four-year selection admission, four-year examination (skilled) admission, special selection, transfer examination).
  5. Scholarships (excluding fellowship scholarships).
  6. Summer courses.
  7. Selection of outstanding youth.
  8. Facilitate undergraduate freshman-parent symposiums.
  9. Temporary tasks assigned by the chairman.

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2105

Room 422A Ext.2177


Jen-Hsiang Chou
高永安 老師相片

  1. Network login management of procurement funds of the Department of Electrical Engineering (including annual budget drafting and expenditure allocation).
  2. Doctoral class affairs: enrollment, enrolling in a doctorate, qualification examination, doctoral candidate, thesis counting, graduation credit review (English threshold, core courses), application for oral examination to graduation.
  3. Master's Program: Application for graduation oral examination fee.
  4. Application for Teacher-Student Sunshine Dissertation Grant.
  5. International students (including admission applications) and academic liaison and other related affairs.
  6. Matters related to the Alumni Association of the Department of Electrical Engineering (including scholarships and travel activities of the Alumni Association, etc.).
  7. Bidding for self-improvement activities of the Electrical Engineering Department.
  8. Master's in-service professional class enrollment and student graduation related matters
  9. Matters related to off-campus internship
  10. Temporary assignments.

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2107


【 Administration Staff 】

Ching-Wen Hsieh
高永安 老師相片

  1. Comprehensively manage the manuscripts and signatures of the department. (including registration desk and organizer of electronic documents)
  2. This department is responsible for matters related to the notification, preparation and recording of all meetings (including committees).
  3. Responsible for the signing and handling of internal and external documents.
  4. Responsible for personnel and administrative matters related to colleagues.

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2103


彭麗霞 老師相片

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2100


【 Tecchnician Staff 】

Chih-Fu Tseng
曾志福 老師相片

  1. Day Department Admissions to graduate school, graduation oral examination, scholarships, technology-rooted teaching implementation, group insurance and other related matters

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2118

Integrated Tech. Building 414-1A Ext.2193


Ming-Tung Li
高永安 老師相片

  1. 511, 514, 422, 417, 414, 322 and 216 seven laboratories management and maintenance.
  2. Conference room audio-visual equipment maintenance.
  3. Space and property manager of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
  4. Environmental Safety Committee of the Department of Electrical Engineering (responsible for environmental safety affairs).
  5. Contact person for IEET evaluation related matters.
  6. Network IP management.
  7. Contact person for network-related matters.
  8. Access control and surveillance system.

Integrated Tech. Building 215(Dep. Office) Ext.2108

Integrated Tech. Building 322C Ext.2133


【 Military Teacher 】

Yea-Ting Lee
戴志光 老師相片