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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering

Research Highlights

Interests of each research fields:

1. Power and Energy Field

Power Deregulation, Power System Stability, Power System Operation and Control, Power Distribution Automation, Power System Quality, Artificial Neural Network Applications, Expert System Applications, Renew Energy and Applications, Rail Power Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Remote Monitoring and Control Applications, Power-Communication System Integration, Nanotechnology and Its Applications, Power Faults Diagnosis and Remedy for the High-Tech Industry, Power Risk Assessments.

2. Power Electronics Field

Power Electronics Applications, DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Converters, Inverter Control, IC Design for Power Electronics Control, Energy Monitoring and Control, Technology for Energy Storage, Co-generation, Photo-Electrical Energy, Electric Vehicle’s Power Train Design.

3. Control Systems Field

Fuzzy Control, Applications of Control Technology, Electric Machinery Control, 3C Integration, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, Robust Control, Systems Theory and Control, Robotics, Visual Servoing, Real-Time Visual Tracking and Applications, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

4. Communications Field

Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Coding and Information Theory,Wireless Communications, Mobile Networking, Speech and Audio Processing, Optical Fiber Communications, Photonic Devices and Materials, Image and Video Processing, Multimedia Communications, Internet, IP-Based Networking.

5. Computer System Field

Digital Systems, Computer Architectures, Reliability Modeling, Distributed System, Information Retrieval System, Distance Education, Database System, Electronics Design Automation, Embedded System, E-Health, Analog IC Design, Radio-Frequency IC Design, Motor control IC Design, Magnetic Sensor Design, High Speed Networks, Optical Networks, Wireless Networks, Multimedia Communications, Queuing Theory, Pattern Recognition, Remote Sensing Images Analysis.