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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering

Globalization, Engineering, and Technology

Globalization, Engineering, and Technology 2 credit 2 hours
The primary objective of this course is to help prepare students to be leaders in globally-influenced technical organizations. The course will include daily classroom instruction and readings plus visits to local research, design, development, and manufacturing sites. The travel study component is designed to give students first-hand exposure to and experience with global research, design, development, and manufacturing issues. Because of the special nature of this class, objectives may vary for individual students enrolled and may include the following: ?Understand issues associated with a global engineering development environment including developing product needs in unfamiliar cultures, design for adaptability, managing distributed design teams and manufacturing at remote and/or distributed sites. Appreciate first-hand how successful global companies approach these issues. Understand design strategies related to concept selection, product architecture, economic modeling.
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