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臺北科技大學電機工程系| TaipeiDepartment of Electrical Engineering

Corporate Finance Theory and Practice

Corporate Finance Theory and Practice 3 credit 3 hours
【Course Plan】 Course Objective: The main purpose which enterprises manage, lie in choosing to help enterprises to deal in the basic management topic, and to the relevant key element of enterprise\'s competitiveness, build and construct the basic important document of the competition advantage, in order to reach enterprise\'s operations objective. Course Outline: Importance of Management Setting-up for Strategy Cooperation and Competition Business Model Valuation models of equity securities Valuation models of debt securities Capital structure theories Valuation of investment project.

Text & Reference Material: (1) Ross,Thompson, Christensen, Westerfield and Jordon, 2004,"Fundamentals of Corporate Finance," 3rd ed.,McGraw Hill (2) 謝劍平,財務管理--新觀念與本土化,智勝 (3) 李吉仁、陳振祥,2004,企業概論︰本質、系統、應用, 第二版,台北︰華泰文化出版公司 (4) Bartlett, Christopher A.; Sumantra Ghoshal; and Julian Birkinshaw. 2003. Transnational Management: Text, Cases,
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